Do you know what is behavioral psychology? Well, most people get confused when explaining this term. The definition is quite simple. A theory that states that environmental changes can affect human behavior.

In simple words, behavioral psychology is a theory that states that the environment has deep effects on human behavior. It’s quite true as we know that environment has a lot of effects on people.

Behavioral psychology is also known as behaviorism. Here in this article, we will tell you some easy definitions, examples, and the scope and uses of this field of psychology in our daily lives.

Behavioral Psychology:

An Angry Man-Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychology is a theory according to which conditioning makes behavior. All the behaviors that we acquire came through some kind of condition.

Behavioral psychology is one of the fastest growing fields of psychology as it can be used to treat any kind of mental disorders that are untreated yet.

The behavior depends on particular conditioning. So, if a Behavioral psychologist is able to find that conditioning, he will ultimately be able to treat that mental disorder or behavior.

Behavioral psychology examples:

It’s important to see behavioral psychology examples to clarify the concept. If you are building a habit then this is a behavioral psychology example. If you are breaking a habit hen, it is also an example.

If you don’t give pocket money to your child if he/she makes the room messy this is one of the best behavioral psychology examples because pocket money is the conditioning here to form the habit of cleaning the room in your child.

You can see many examples of behavioral psychology in your life. Hope your concept regarding behavioral psychology is now clear.

Types of behavioral psychology:

There are four main types of behavioral psychology. Below are the four major types:

  • Optimistic
  • Pessimistic
  • Trusting
  • Envious

These are the four main types in which behavioral psychology is classified.


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Scope, Importance, and Uses:

As you know, habits are not easy to build or break. Many peoples have bad habits which they want to completely break and many peoples want particular habits to build but they can’t.

Here comes behavioral psychology which plays an important part in building and breaking many habits. You just need to know or generate conditions for adopting or breaking a particular habit.

Now, obviously, everybody cannot do this. So, here comes a behavioral psychologist who helps to build or break a habit.

It has a variety of uses in the field of psychology. One of the most common treatments is the treatment of autism in children.

This psychology can also be used by a teacher in class. See if a child is not giving good performance in a particular subject, then the teacher can give him or her reward s after his little accomplishment. This will empower him or her to do better than this and the reward will become a condition for that child.

So, the child will start giving good performance in that subject.

Also, you can do this for your own children at home. If you want to build a good habit in your child, you can give them rewards or can stop their pocket money to make it a condition for building a habit.

Hope you have understood what is behavioral psychology, what are the types, and what is the scope and uses of behavioral psychology in daily life.

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