Did you know that 80 percent of sales require the salesperson to follow up five times before closing the deal? Sales calls strike fear and anxiety into the hearts of many, but there are many things that you can do to start making better sales calls at your company. Taking the extra steps to prepare for the call and doing your research will boost your sales performance and increase your pay.

If you’re looking to improve your sales calls and reach a new level of success then you need to get the right advice. Luckily, you’ve found the perfect guide to help you take the next step in your sales career.

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Be Prepared

Preparation is key if you’re looking to start improving your sales performance and converting more leads into customers. Researching the prospect will give you more knowledge about their potential hesitations about the goods or services your business offers. You can use that knowledge to come up with rebuttals to keep them on the right path toward agreeing to a deal.

You can also use their interests and hobbies as a way to strike up a conversation and break the ice with building the relationship. It will allow the lead to feel more comfortable and warm toward you.

Create a Strong Opener

You need to find a way to open a conversation that is warm and comfortable for the person on the other end of the phone. A strong first line will buy you more margin for error with your sales call and show the lead that you respect and appreciate their time. You should also try to avoid giving the lead too much information in the early moments of the call.

Focus on the Customer

Having a customer-centric mindset will do wonders for your sales performance since you’ll be more focused on helping them and providing what they want than you will on your success or failure. Take the time to learn their pain points and look for solutions that you can provide. It’s especially successful if you invest in SalesForce and view salesforce native app here.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Learning the “why” behind why you got a now from the customer will teach you a lot about the things you can do differently on your next sales calls. You should also use SalesForce to enter relevant notes about the lead so that you can understand the right path to take with selling them the benefits of your products or services.

Take Your Sales Calls to New Heights

The sales calls that your company makes will make or break your company, so finding ways to improve sales calls is vital for sustained growth. Taking a customer-centric approach will help with converting leads into customers, as well as coming up with a strong and welcoming opener. You should also make note of mistakes and understand the reasons behind the “no’s” that you receive.

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