Is it challenging for you to motivate your staff for the next campaign? In certain games, a new shirt may make the difference. For any soccer coach looking to boost their team or sportswear designer, a custom soccer jerseys maker that enables you to display your ideas in gorgeous action images of real players on the field is an excellent tool.

When it comes to soccer jerseys, we need to follow some tips. You can make a custom logo for your team kit using color printing as well as digital designs. Also, what steps do you need to follow for jersey care?

Personalize soccer kits to match your club colors.

Team uniforms

With customized sportswear, you can give your squad a uniform look while still giving each player their unique flare for a corporate event, school team, or amateur league.

Full-color printing

Using our cutting-edge dye-sublimation printing method, all of the soccer uniform fabric is printed with vibrant colors. This implies that your design’s scope is unrestricted, and covering the whole kit won’t incur any extra expenses.

Digital design studio

After choosing a layout and color scheme, you may add finishing touches like a team logo. It’s ideal for promoting your company, group, or academic institution. Designers may produce a team’s uniforms in advance and add the players’ names and numbers to each jersey to save time and money.

Custom team wear from Vistaprint:

Unlimited personalization

The area may be customized for pictures, badges, logos, names, and numbers. They are excellent moisture-wicking clothing. It keeps you protected from overheating and sticky skin from sweat.

Timeframe of 2 weeks

Delivery in two weeks created just for you.

Can the soccer shirt be printed front and back?

Without a doubt! The front and sleeves are empty; just waiting for your team’s logo and a message to the supporters to be placed there. On the back, space is provided for a name and phone number. The price includes modifications to the soccer jersey and shorts’ appearance.

Custom jersey care

If you’ve already invested, you probably want your personalized jersey to last as long as possible. Care guidelines may be found below:

  • Before washing the jersey after printing, let it dry for at least three days.
  • Turn the jersey inside out and clean it.
  • Use only gentle detergents, please. Replace washing powder with washing liquid.
  • Don’t tumble dry; wash with like colors, or use bleach.
  • Limit the temperature of your washing machine to 40 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • The jersey should not be dried in a dryer or placed in a hot oven.
  • The seventh tip is to let the jersey air dry inside to stop fading.
  • If the shirt’s label says it can be ironed, do these actions: Place baking paper on top and iron the jersey only with the inside facing up at a temperature of up to 150°C (300°F).


Since we provide teams all around the globe with uniforms of expert quality, we are the most acceptable source to acquire a customized soccer jersey. Every time you go onto the field, you want to make an impact, so you need a jersey that can stand up in the worst situations. The perfect jersey allows the player unrestricted movement and ventilation to execute their talents without difficulty. Your team won’t get wet or distracted throughout the next 90 minutes of play on the field owing to the 100% polyester uniforms that include Dry-Flex technology. For more interesting articles visit here.

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