Morbius vs Spiderman is very interesting topic because they had there own powers and authorities over many things. But what will happen if they both meet in a fight with each other.

The question sounds quite interesting. On one side, we have spider man which is one of the the most favorite superheroes in movies. On the other had, we have Morbius who is a villain.

Before talking morbius vs spiderman, let us tell you a little bit about the Spider man movies and Morbius movie.

Michael Morbius vs Spiderman Movie:

There are total 9 Spider man movies which are super hit all around the world while he has appeared in total 19 movies.

Spider-man movie series are one of the best movie series around the world. However, Morbius is recently released movie in which Morbius is characterized as a villain. Morbius is also pretty good to watch but the spider-man is super hit all around the world. Only the revenue of the Spider-Man: No Way Home is around $1.8 billion.

On the other hand, the revenue generated by Morbius is $164 million all around the world.

The huge gap between the revenue of Morbius and Spider-man: No Way Home shows the success of Spider-man is very high against Morbius. Hope you have understood morbius vs spiderman situation when comparing movies stats.

Morbius vs Spiderman comic:

Does Morbius fight Spider-Man in the comics? Yes, Morbius and Spiderman have fight with each other in comic. The spider-man was bitten by Morbius and later they had a brief fight.

Michael Morbius vs Spiderman Who Would Win?

Morbius and Spider-man never ever fight each other. They meet in a fight but Morbius was struck by Lightning. When finding the fact that who would win the battle if both meet each other in a fight, we need to compare the powers of both.

According to a Handbook written by Marvel Universe, the spider-man man can lift up-to 2,000 pounds while the morbius can lift 1,500 pounds.

According to Marvel Universe’s Official Handbook,we are able to find out that Spider-man can lift more weight than Morbius. So, we ca say that the spider-man is more powerful than Morbius.

But, the power is one factor in any fight. Only power cannot let you win a battle.

So, the question still remains the same Morbius vs Spiderman Who Would Win?

Well, the best way to find out the results is to let Spider-man and Morbius in a fight. The Spiderman is faster, flexible, and strengthen than Morbius. On the other hand, Morbus is very hard to defeat. He has deadly powers which could be very hard for any opponent to tackle.


Well, Spider-man is fats, flexible and very powerful. On the other side, the Morbius is a serious threat fro any opponent. In general, it could be very difficult for Spider-man to defeat Morbius but due to the blood weakness of Morbius, it could e possible to defeat the Morbius easily.

Blood is the power and also the weakness of Morbius. If the Morbius is thirsty for blood in fight or he needs blood urgently then, defeating the Spider-man would be a tough challenge for Morbius. So, Michael Morbius vs Spiderman fight will be very interesting to see.

Currently they have not meet in a proper fight. However, there fight will be worth of watching. Hope you have understood Morbius vs Spiderman fight and who would win if they both meet each other in a fight.

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