Does a snake with legs really exist? You might be interested to know the answer to this question as I was. As we know, Lizards and Snakes are closely related to each other. Snakes don’t have legs in general but lizards have. This is the key point to identify a snake from thousands of species. But this rule could be no longer applicable!

Snakes use their body muscles to move and lizards use their legs to move. We can say that the snake without legs is the snake and the snake-like creature with legs are a lizard. But the point here is does snakes with legs really exist.

If yes, then how we can differentiate it from lizards. Well, we are here to tell you to does a snake with legs exist or not, or if exist then how we can differentiate them from lizards.

I know that you have not seen any snake with legs in your life But the fact is that the snake with legs really exists!

This statement is currently half true and half false. Here we will tell you how?

Snake With Legs:

Snake With Legs

If we go back around 90 to 100 million years ago, then we will be able to see snake with legs. Scientists have recently shocked when they found a 95 million years old fossil of a snake that was actually a four-legged snake.

As we know, the evolution process can change the whole structure or identity of a particular animal. Many animals and birds are evolved into their current form. However, if we study the fossils of these animals, then we came to know that they were different from their current look.

The same situation is applicable to a snake with legs.  Snakes have evolved so much. Million years ago, there were titanoboas who were 50 feet long!

Now, the current biggest snake in the world is Python which is 30 feet long. While the average snakes are found at 5 to 7 feet in length.

While in the case of legs, around 100 million years ago, there were some snakes who had hind legs. Scientists recently found fossils of a specie of terrestrial snake that had hind legs. The fossils have shocked scientists.

Scientists have given some theories regarding this snake. Some scientists are saying that the snake evolved from a specie of lizards that’s why he had hind legs.

These lizards slowly lost their legs and evolved into a snake. Well, this is just a theory and nobody really knows what exactly was this thing. Another possibility is that this is another creature that is currently far away from our research and knowledge. Scientists are doing the latest discoveries and every day we are finding unknown creatures that were away from our eyes.

So, it could be possible that the snake with legs whose fossils were found recently, could be another creature mid to snakes and lizards.

An important point is that the fossils that scientists have found at the dig site show that the snake had a huge skull with sharp teeth. So, it means that the snake was a giant snake like a Titanoboa.

Does a snake with legs currently exist?

The answer is no. The snakes lost their legs millions of years ago. No snake with legs exists nowadays, However, there are some species of lizards that are legless, and still, they are not snakes.

Scientists believe that snake has lost their legs because they swim a lot and legs are not necessary for living in the water. This could be a reason for losing legs.

Whatever snake with legs doesn’t exist in present. They have lost their legs somehow and they are legless. However, in some pythons, scientists have found limbs of hind legs in their body which shows that they have evolved.

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