Have you ever heard about Wattpad? If no, then your next question will be what is wattpad? Well in short, Wattpad is a social platform where everyone can go and register easily to read or write novels and books.

Sometime people face some situations which they want to tell a huge audience in words or sometimes people want to see or study others behaviour and thinking by their writing styles. To explain your stories, emotions, and experiences, you need some sort of a medium to communicate with more peoples to spread your wording and make it public for a huge audience.

Also, if you want to learn or see other people’s stories, imaginations, their experiences, and their emotions in words, you will need a platform where you can find those stories, written by peoples.

So, what is the best medium and exact medium or platform which can fulfil our requirements and can give you exactly which we wants. Well, Wattpad is one of the best platform where you can express your feelings and emotions and also can share your experiences and stories.

 Here in this article, we will introduce you with Wattpad. So, let’s start our journey by knowing “what is wattpad”

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a social platform for peoples who are interested in reading or writing stories online. These stories are not like Instagram stories, Watpad’s stories are actually written content. People wrote books and novels which are known as Wattpad stories.

What is Wattpad used for?

Wattpad provide its users the facility to write or read stories and novels for free. There is also a paid feature where you can read paid stories.

Wattpad has a variety of users so you can read any type of content here. You can also publish any type of stories here. You can browse Adventure, fiction, horror, humor, mystery, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, adult, non-fiction, romance, teen fiction, werewolf, poetry, the wattys, and thriller stories and also short stories.

What is wattpad premium?

What is wattpad premium

We have told you that you can also read paid stories on Wattpad. To access the paid content, you need Wattpad premium. So, what is wattpad premium and what are wattpad premium benefits?

Well, you can access a lot of entertaining and informative content by using premium Wattpad. Wattpad premium provides excellent story reading and writing experience. You can read exclusive content without any interruption. Wattpad premium provides the subscribes a facility to customize their profile on a pro level.

So, is wattpad premium worth it or not. We are leaving this question for you because everyone had different experiences. So, you can tell us your opinion in the comment section.

Well, in my opinion, if you are mad for reading or writing, you should buy Wattpad premium because it provides awesome writing and reading experience. Wattpad is one of the bets platforms for readers.

How to Buy Wattpad Premium?

Now, here is the important question, how to buy wattpad premium? The procedure is quite simple. Follow the below steps to successfully buy Wattpad premium right now:

  • Download Wattpad app on your android.
  • By opening the app, you will see Try Premium option on the upper right corner. Click on that button.
  • Here you can choose best plan which est suits your budget and needs.
  • Confirm purchase and you have done it!

Hope you have understood what is wattpad, what is wattpad premium, is wattpad premium worth it, and how to buy wattpad premium. So, you can now start your wattpad experience and can read people’s stories all across the globe.

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