Fog lights are among the most valuable accessories on your vehicle. These lights are usually mounted below the headlights and above the bumper, and are designed to illuminate road conditions under different weather conditions. The fog light is an essential part of your vehicle. Its primary role is to improve visibility in inclement weather such as fog, snow, and rain. Fog lights are designed to throw a beam of light that is lower to the ground and wider than the beam from your headlights. They’re particularly useful when driving on curvy roads and on highways. Usually, fog lights are mounted below the headlights on the front bumper or behind the bumper where they are protected from impact. Some cars have LED fog light bulbs built into the fenders or grille.

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Where are fog lights mounted?

Fog lights are mounted on the front of the vehicle, and unlike headlights, they are not sealed beams (meaning they can rotate, whereas sealed beams cannot). Fog lights should be mounted low and as close to the ground as possible, but they cannot be mounted more intimate than 25 cm to the ground. Fog lights are intended to supplement low-beam headlights. They cast a wide, short beam of light that’s helpful when driving in fog, rain, or dust. This beam of light does not need to go as far to illuminate the road because the road ahead is already covered in fog, rain, or dust. In the US, fog lights are sometimes referred to as driving lights, clearance lights, or fog-driving lights.

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